Our Work

Architreasures’ work can be found in 35 Chicago communities. With 20+ years of experience, we have completed more than 150 projects and 85 design workshops, we have hired more than 200 project artists, 800 youth interns and deployed more than 2,000 volunteers.

2018 projects

Art & Design Workshops - 3500 S Lake Park Ave (Oakland)
Germano Creative Community Center Interior Renovation - 8808 S Burley Ave (South Chicago)
Letter to Bessie Coleman - 1199 E Oakwood Blvd (Oakland)
Major Taylor Trail Bridge - Little Calumet River (West Pullman)
Mosaic Workshops - 5035 S King Dr (Washington Park)
Screen Cloud - 3150 W Peterson Ave (West Ridge)
Summer Art Camp - 1354 S Morgan St (Near West Side)
Truman College 5-Week Design Practicum - 1145 W Wilson Ave (Uptown)
We Carry the Light - 4648 S Michigan Ave (Grand Boulevard)