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Architreasures activates communities through the power of art and design. We facilitate participatory art and design projects and neighborhood cultural programs that transform public space, improve quality of life, and make beautiful, livable, and healthy communities throughout Chicago. Learn More

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What We Do

We bring communities together through art and design to make our city a great place to live for all Chicagoans. We engage residents and partnering organizations in creative endeavors that improve public space and advance the social, cultural, economic, and health goals of a community. Through our collaborative art and design process, people are empowered to shape how their environments look, feel, and are used, and to impact the future of their communities. Learn More


Our Work

The original art and design work Architreasures produces—from murals, mosaics and sculptures, to gardens, benches, and books—bring beauty and comfort to people’s homes and neighborhoods, reflect the spirit of our community partners, and make people proud of where they live. Learn More

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Get Involved

There are numerous ways you can contribute to Architreasures’ mission. We appreciate all donations. There are endless volunteer opportunities. You can partner with us, and we’re always looking for more artists. If you’re interested in making an in-kind gift or if you have something else in mind, please contact us.